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Equipped to serve you

You can’t give what you don’t have

When I embarked on the motivational training journey in April 2014, one of the deliberate choices I made was a greater investment in self.  I figured this is what I needed if I was to make any meaningful impact on the individual lives I was interacting with.

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It is with great pleasure that I write this foreword for Imagine Me. The Institute for National Transformation is an Institute like no other that I have attended. It equips people in their fields of service, gives them a new perspective of life and highlights the urgency of the work at hand.
At the end of the course each individual commits to carrying out a project of their choice. Like it happens in life, some people carry through with their projects while others, well they don’t. I am happy that Joan has carried hers through and come up with Imagine Me.
Imagine Me is a Personal Improvement Series that touches on the much sought after areas of life.

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Business Profile

Imagine Me Africa (IMA) Limited is incorporated in Uganda.  The focus of the company is to help individuals, organizations, and corporate entities dream big dreams, and follow them up through coaching processes.

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