You can’t give what you don’t have

When I embarked on the motivational training journey in April 2014, one of the deliberate choices I made was a greater investment in self.  I figured this is what I needed if I was to make any meaningful impact on the individual lives I was interacting with.

With 10 years’ experience up my sleeve focused on developing and testing curriculum, training materials, and facilitating teams in more than 20 countries, it would be easy to think I have great experience.  Well 20 countries in Africa (East, West, Southern), Asia, and Europe is no mean feat.  Doing this with World Vision International could only be a great asset.  Great programmes and staff does this organisation have.

I purposed I needed to take my skills a notch higher.  A key personality I came to appreciate through a borrowed book I read was my first thought.  Jack Canfield, America’s number one Success Coach, wrote a great book, the Success Principles.  It is these principles he has taught to the Fortune 500 companies, and the US military.  These principles once applied will surely do what the sub title of the book suggests: how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  These are the very principles upon which the book series he is best known for are drawn – Chicken soup for the soul! This series has 500 million copies in print, and has been translated into 35 languages.

Through Google, I learnt about Jack’s major annual event, Breakthrough to Success (BTS). I chose to invest in the event.  With it came an opportunity to undertake a certified online training to be at liberty to teach the success principles.  I got on board.  I enjoyed the online sessions, but nothing could beat the live experience I had when I participated in the BTS 2015 event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Prior to this I had participated in a leadership guru John Maxwell Master Mind Group in Kampala, organised by Solutions Africa, where our focus was on the book, Putting your dream to the test.  What an amazing experience thinking through the process of any dream one is nurturing.  My interest in the group was drawn after participating in the 2014 Live2Lead simulcast.

I also invested in the Kigali Leadership Summit, and that is where I came to learn about Pastor Julian Kyula, founder of Mobile Decisioning (MODE); he has since become a great online resource to follow. The summit was facilitated by the Myles Munroe International Ministries.  I was glad I made it; thanks to a great friend, Pascal Gatete, president of the Rwanda International Christian Chamber of Commerce, who told me about it.

To this, is another awesome training that my employer, World Vision International, recently offered us on Transformational Facilitation skills, run by a global company, Out of the Box.

These experiences, plus my readinghave created a great avenue to better my skills.

In 2010 I attended an Oakseed Executive Leadership Training Programme by the Institute for National Transformation (INT) where the focus is creating No Excuse Leaders.  I realized a leader should seek to make themselves better on a continuous basis.

As I continue with this journey of helping people live to realize their life purpose and dreams, I cannot think of a better way to serve them, than continually invest in myself to learn. I am a firm believer one cannot give what they don’t have!

If you have read this far, you now have an idea; I wouldn’t promise to help you if I was only relying on my experience.  Take a step of faith to sign up with us, and you will join those who have told us, they made a great investment decision.

Business Profile

Imagine Me Africa (IMA) Limited is incorporated in Uganda.  The focus of the company is to help individuals, organizations, and corporate entities dream big dreams, and follow them up through coaching processes.

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