Joan is a motivational teacher and coach.  She is a great trainer with over 10 years’ experience training and facilitating audiences in 28 countries (including East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America), experience gained while working with World Vision, a humanitarian Christian international NGO operating in about 100 countries.  Joan does personal development coaching through a structured process she developed called Imagine Me Personal Improvement Series.  She is currently the only person in East Africa certified to teach the Jack Canfield Success Principles, principles embraced by many Fortune 500 companies, and the US military. The principles are applicable to any environment whether business, non-profit, games, or personal focus.  Joan participated in the 2015 Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success event in Arizona, and her commitment along with those she has helped in their personal journey is to work with individuals and organisations at the beginning of every calendar year to get them commit to doing things differently, and determine goals that would enable the organisations and individuals experience a quantum leap.  She uses the coaching for breakthrough success methodology in her processes.

Joan holds a Masters degree in Public Health leadership (prides in providing health for the mind!), a post graduate diploma in Journalism and Media management, andanalumni of the US International Visitors Leadership Programme.