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Be sensitive to your environment Opportunities are waiting

I once listened to an audio where the speaker said we only stumble into opportunities when we are moving.

Many times when we think about starting a business, we are fast at jumping onto relating to passion. While this could be part of the solution, sensitivity and responsiveness to what is happening around us might be the lead to a breakthrough idea.

Listening to the MD Mega Milk at the Imagine Me Power Breakfast on Saturday illustrates this point very well.

This MD never dreamt he would be running a brand that many people get hooked to the moment they taste Mega milk for the first time. Perhaps you don’t buy Mega milk, but you are hooked to Javas coffee. If you are,then the probability you have tasted Mega milk is high.

Anyway, someone observed there was limited milk supply and suggested to MD he could venture into this business. He took on the challenge, and today we have Mega milk.

To understand the milk business, he did not look anywhere else, but to JESA’s late Mulwana (RIP). He went in to ask to supply milk to JESA, only to realize JESA couldn’t take up the challenge of absorbing all the milk MD was ready to supply. The rest is history.

Friends, what do you hear people say? What needs do you see in your community? What things are people talking about? Take up the challenge. The solution you provide will surprise you.

I am personally glad that in my response to a Facebook thread where someone was crying out to have a person hold their hand and teach them how to make money the way her mama taught her how to peel matooke, Imagine Me was born.

Out of this process the Imagine Me Power Breakfast was birthed. The idea behind the power breakfast is for people to convene, and have reflective discourse as to how we can maximize our earning phase. From
the three sessions so far, it is clear we have identified a gap, and are responding to it.

“This feels like an Oprah Winfrey show,” exclaimed a participant when the Mega Milk MD announced each of the participants was leaving with two litres of milk.

In the room were two students, and close to 20 professions, involved in deep discourse. Now beat that.

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