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Become the best version of you.

Become the best version of you

This video is based on real life stories and experiences that Coach Joan Mugenzi has interacted with during her training sessions in Uganda and interactions with other people across Africa. Through her professional coaching and motivation training journey, she has encountered people wondering how they can transition from full time employment. When a job comes to an end and all that is left is self employment, how does one manage?

Joan put this work in her book, Corporates at a Crossroads; knowing that your job isn’t eternal and acting on that knowledge. This work that has seen Joan invited in different organisations in Uganda including the Corporate sector, Private Sector, Government Parastatals and Financial Institutions.The engagement has made Joan realise that some challenges that affect the employee cut across regardless of rank in an organisation. Through her book, which she introduces to you in the masterclass, Joan highlights key take ways you need from the book.

As we embark on the masterclass, figure out which character you relate to the most.
Are you more like Paul, David, Claire or Christopher?

Identifying the character you identify with will be the best starting point for you as you embark on this masterclass journey.

Corporates at a crossroads provides information on how you prepare for your transition, highlights the critical elements of the need to invest in self, becoming deliberate on creating a top of mind brand, managing your personal finances (a must subject of every earner), managing your exit as you kiss your regular pay cheque goodbye, and starting out.

Joan speaks from a point of experience, and expertise informed by her own investment. She holds a Masters of Public Health Leadership and prides in the Health of the mind. Joan is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach, completed her Professional Certified Coach training and currently with the Coach Masters Academy where she is pursuing her studies to become a Master Certified Coach. She is a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer, and she has ably integrated the success principles in her work, including in this video.

Prior to stepping out into self employment, Joan worked with World Vision International where she held several positions covering 25 countries in Africa in the process. Before that, Joan worked with the New Vision in Uganda.

In this field as an Employment Transition Coach, Joan has facilitated several entities including, Africa New Life Ministries, Rwanda, AHF Uganda Cares, Bank of Uganda (Executive Team), Cheshire Services Uganda, Child Fund International Uganda, Compassion International, Enabel (Formerly Belgium Development Agency) GreenHill Academy, Inspectorate of Government (Directorate of Ombudsman Affairs), Hardware World Ltd, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda, KCB, Majestic Brands, Makerere University Business School, Makerere University Walter Reed Project, National Drug Authority, NSSF, Parliamentary Commission, PATH, Paramount Images Studio, PELUM Uganda, Uganda AIDS Commission, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda Breweries Ltd, UNILEVER, Uganda Revenue Authority (Executive team), Watoto Care Ministries (Pastoral team leadership), World Vision International, World Renew Kenya, and Y-Save Cooperative Society

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