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Centre stage goose bumps!

I am deeply thinking about the people who have made a choice to invest in this training. Do you ever get that ‘hmmm’ feeling? Do you remember those firsts you have encountered?

Three days ago I had an interesting inbox discussion with one of the past participants in the Imagine Me motivational training programme. Since completing her sessions, the power breakfast events are another package she has committed to. We had a chit chat about this Saturday; theQuantum Leap to the next level training is on.

Given for the past one decade 60% of my work has been training (developing training material, pretesting, and running with the training), it tends to be natural;I thrive.

For the first time though,it occurred to me it is a different ball game.

At my work place, I receive a pay cheque at the end of each month, and capacity building is one of my key performance indicators. Those I facilitate are in most cases a captive audience too; they have to attend the sessions anyway! This time round, people are paying so I can train them. It is different.

My friend made it sink deeper, “for once, let’s get it from the proprietor.” See, this is our sixth bi-monthly Power Breakfast event, and for all these events, we have hosted external people, some of whom we identified because they attended our sessions. In fact, I missed the last event, while the one before, I only caught the last bits of the session.

Here is one for me. Although I did a first go at this training here in Kigali, my audience was kind of captive. Someone else did the mobilization for his workplace. For Saturday, I have actively mobilized!

When I attended America’s #1 Success coach Jack Canfield’s live event in Arizona recently, and also made a choice to undertake his online programme, I purposed to design a programme that would respond to our needs. I believe in developing/adapting processes and tools that propel action, and Quantum Leap to the next level training is the result from this commitment.

While at it, there are those who are waiting to “get it from the proprietor.” I got to deal with centre stage goose bumps.

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