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Coaching a coach

Yesterday afternoon I had an interesting discussion with a participant in the Imagine Me coaching sessions. Among his areas of focus is coaching, and yes, he has invested a lot in this line. He is working on his PhD (whose focus is coaching), and knowing how much exposure he has, it is humbling to work with such an individual. He opted to get on board when I met him in Kigali, and he carefully listened to what we are doing in Imagine Me. Based in Nairobi, he has had to take his sessions via Skype, an online tool I have used with a few participants. I first used this tool with a participant based in Germany, then one in UAE, followed by one in USA, and now this one in Nairobi. The process has been great in refining the Virtual sessions.

Back to coaching, this participant pointed out how much people miss out on aligning their lives and purposes much earlier simply because they never view coaching as a service they need.

“In the West everyone who can afford would want to be coached,” he observed. “People have various coaching needs,” he added.

I have known this coach to specifically focus more on guiding people to streamline their life purpose, and also providing guidance on career direction.

I identify with him when he says we all need areas of focus for coaching. I remember during the past year of running Imagine Me when I felt some questions had not been sorted in my mind. It is then I enrolled for a Master Mind Group with Solutions Africa, overseen by a leadership coach, Julius Lukwago. Whilst with the initial sessions of my group whose focus was ‘Putting your dream put to the test’ kept me wondering if I had made a wise investment, my lightbulb moment came when a few weeks down the road, we had to discuss the issue of Counting the Cost of one’s dream. At that point I felt it didn’t matter even if the money I had paid for the entire package just focused on that.

Here I was as a coach, listening to guidance from another coach. Perhaps I now have a feel of how Julius felt coaching a coach, for here I am coaching a coach and excited listening to his reflections most of which are on coaching. I am set to go for an event of coaches come August. We can only become better by continuously investing in ourselves. Coaching is a great investment in one’s life.

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