Coaching Approach

We offer transformational coaching that follows a DUE process. DUE stands for Discover, Uncover and Evolve. We believe that all conversations are on a mission to discover something, uncover what matters within the discovery, and then allow for evolving. We use a science based coaching approach using empirical research and practical fieldwork to deliver positive change that provides a deep and sustainable change. It is an integrated approach that blends the science of positive psychology, transpersonal psychology and narrative psychology.



We know that the world hits at us with a lot of noise, that sometimes we forget what is meaningful to us and simply follow what lays before us. Until we get into a reflective space, we may even forget what truly matters to us. Leaders, especially, find themselves in places where they need to be giving answers, facilitating everyone to be their best versions, and end up forgetting about themselves. The essence of living is about discovering who we really are, and become attuned to our purpose.

At Imagine Me Africa, we believe that everyone requires reflective space. In our Employment transition coaching, we provide the space to individuals, midlevel career, senior management and leadership, Board members and the general C-Suite portifolio to think about their own transition. Sometimes it is about one longing to get into the executive space; for the executive, it may be the confusion of settling in, while for one who has seemingly reached at the helm, they may not be clear about the question: What Next?

By holding the space for our clients, we enable them tap into their unconscious knowing and work with the strengths that lie within.


We partner with the client following the discovery process to unearth what truly matters. When someone shows up for a conversation, what they feel is a presenting issue; underneath it (think about the iceberg theory) is what is important and will bring about the necessary shift. Through the conversation we work towards lifting the iceberg so that we uncover where the client needs to put their energy.

What is in that place that requires attention? Through this process, one is supported to articulate what is key for them. Sometimes to get a better picture, we have to move away from words and use metaphorical language to enable the client to completely disconnect with their logical thinking. It is insights from this uncovering that will enable the client to connect the dots to all their critical domains – Thinking, Feeling and Doing. With a new realisation providing insights, and a shift in mindset, a client is ready for the next phase – Evolve.

Commision by British Council



Done with uncovering, we are sure a client is ready to embody strategic choice conversations. The clarity they gain during the Uncover stage makes them think wiser and inspired choices. These forward actions are ingrained in our value of innovation that seeks to create. The creativity in this case is based on the principle that the creator (client) has discovered what matters most to them – having explored things like purpose, values, beliefs, assumptions, concerns, that they are now set to evolve. Just think of a butterfly! Beautiful creature, but that beauty comes from a point of an evolving process.

If the DUE process sounds exciting for you, give us a call in DUE time, and we shall give you focused consideration. You can schedule an appointment for a 30 minute diagnostic conversation.