Corporates at a Crossroads

Knowing that Your Job isn't Eternal and Acting on that Knowledge

Life with the assurance of a monthly pay cheque can be comfortable and secure yet to many, things get a little ugly when time to let go of that cheque comes.

Corporates at a Crossroads seeks to address issues many employees tend to grapple with at the end of their employement.

Below are the views of a few readers of the book.

“The message in this book couldn’t have come at a better time. Indeed it is so pertinent for present times when ‘corporates’ struggle with maintaining expensive lifestyles when they should be preparing for their less productive years. The lessons are borne out of real life scenarios and will be instructive in getting many to plan for retirement. I would recommend this as reading material to all younger new joiners starting out in their careers,” 

Doris Akol, Commissioner General, Uganda Revenue Authority.

“Joan Mugenzi’s Corporates at a Crossroads: Knowing that your job is not eternal and acting on that knowledge captures the heart of a true corporate leader or anyone that desires to be one – transitioning from full time employment to embracing a leadership role tagged to one’s passion.  Taking a stand to leave a comfortable pay cheque takes unique leadership qualities and a determination to make things happen,” 

Julian Kyula, co-founder, and CEO of IBM award winning company, MODE, operational in 31 countries.

“Joan Mugenzi has provided a blueprint for anyone seriously thinking about a secure future after the inevitable loss of employment or retirement.  In this easy-to-follow book that chronicles real life experiences, you find a good companion.  Everyone in employment needs to pick up this book,” 

Julius Lukwago, Speaker, Trainer and Coach at the John Maxwell team.

“Reading this book will prevent the helplessness and suffering that unprepared employees go through when they lose their jobs.  This book is well written, with personal true life stories from the writer herself and her friends.  A must read,” 

Prof. Maggie Kigozi, Former Uganda Investment Authority CEO,  President, Business and Professional Women, Kampala, Uganda.

“For those who are in formal employment, there is a way these jobs blind us from the realities of life. Reading this book will give you a good perspective of the realities of life after formal employment,” 

Danstan Kisuule, CEO, Y-Save Multipurpose Cooperative, and Chairperson, Uganda Investment Clubs Association of Uganda

Whether you have just started work and think you are still very far from retirement, or whether you are thinking about transitioning in the next few months or you recently transitioned from formal employment to self-employment, you will find Joan’s book most invaluable,” 

Robby Muhumuza, Communications and Management Consultant, and former Regional Director, World Vision Eastern Africa.

“You cannot help but feel guilty of some of the things you have done that you need to adjust when you read Corporates at a Crossroads,” 

Joseph Ajal, Secretary General, Governing Council, Human Resources Managers’ Association of Uganda.



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