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Does your pitch market you?

An elevator pitch! Those words you will craft together and within 30 seconds, a minute, two or three, your subject is hooked.

We all need this. Whether you are looking for a job, making a sale, or simply marketing your idea, what you pitch will make a difference as to whether you or another person is considered for that opportunity.

You want to get that conversation started on a great note. Opportunities present all the time, yet for many of us, we simply mess it up. What should you say? What shouldn’t you say?

During our Imagine Me Power Breakfast event, this was our gift to the first five people to arrive at the venue on September 26th. Besides starting our sessions on time, we reward that person who goes out of their way to keep time. This time round, we are rewarding five people.

The first five people to arrive had an opportunity to pitch. In the room was an internationally acclaimed person (whose works have made it to various media houses) to do the assessment, and provide professional feedback. The feedback focused on what the person did well, what required improvement, and these five people had an opportunity to rethink their elevator pitch based on what they said. “I couldn’t believe I failed to market something I am so passionate about,” said one of those who pitched. “I am so glad that provided me an opportunity to rethink my work.”

You may not have been with us, and therefore missed out on this opportunity. However, my challenge to you is to think about what you are doing. If you met that person you have been longing to meet, or bumped into an investor who is looking for a partner to invest with: What would you tell that person in one minute?

Think about it; does your pitch convince you?

Well, here is a critical piece, if you have never thought about creating that spark right there, go do it right now!

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