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Individual coaching

All our coaching processes start off with a diagnostic conversation that helps establish a job coaching agreement. This is in alignment with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standard to ensure whatever we do in the process serves a client.

Before embarking on a coaching agreement, we start the process with a mandatory diagnostic conversation. This conversation enables us make judgement whether you as a prospective is a good fit for our programmes. Our team of coaches is highly specialised and we work with every client to ensure we avail you the best fit.

Our processes have quality assurance managed by our Certified Transformational Master Coach, who is also not only a member of ICF, she is also credentialed by the same body. Master coach is the highest level of coach training one can have.

Our lead coach has vast experience in coaching that not only focuses on coaching; she is also a Director of Training with Coach Masters Academy, an academy with presence in over 40 countries. In this role she trains and mentors coaches.

Be assured of gaining awareness, clarity and understanding in these processes. You will be able to unblock limiting beliefs, and check out the assumptions that might be standing in your way.

To have an insight in what is required, you can book a 30-minute conversation and you will be connected to any of our advisors.

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