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Personal Finance

A client signed up for our class and mentioned that she wanted to save 200,000 per month.

Money, Money Money. We all work because we want to make money and meet our needs and wants. Unfortunately, for most people handling money is something they stumble upon since there is limited financial literacy that happens in schools.

When you take up our Personal Finance Stewardship class, you will be amazed at how some of the things you ignore might be the ones that create a change for you. Our sessions focus more on your money exploration behaviours than dictating to you what you ought to do.

Using a coaching approach in discussing money, we support you to gain an awareness and understanding of the value judgement you fix on money – a lot of what we do navigates your values, beliefs, assumptions and needs around money.

To have an insight in what is required, you can book a 30-minute conversation and you will be connected to any of our advisors.

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