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Coaching is the best thing that has happened to me

We partner with the client following the discovery process to unearth what truly matters. When someone shows up for a conversation, what they feel is a presenting issue; underneath it (think about the iceberg theory) is what is important and will bring about the necessary shift. Through the conversation we work towards lifting the iceberg so that we uncover where the client needs to put their energy. What is in that place that requires attention? Through this process, one is supported to articulate what is key for them. Sometimes to get a better picture, we have to move away from words and use metaphorical language to enable the client to completely disconnect with their logical thinking. It is insights from this uncovering that will enable the client to connect the dots to all their critical domains – Thinking, Feeling and Doing. With a new realisation providing insights, and a shift in mindset, a client is ready for the next phase – Evolve.

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