All conversations are on a mission to DISCOVER something, UNCOVER & allow for EVOLVING


We offer transformational coaching that follows a DUE process


Our team of coaches is one on a continuous quest for exploration

The Team Leader


Joan has over 2500 hours of coaching, with a special focus on employment transition, executive and leadership coaching. Whether one is getting into a new job, moving into the next opportunity within an organisation, grappling with management and a leadership transition role, or planning on exiting, Joan enjoys facilitating the conversations.

Joan is credentialed by the International Coaching Federation as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) making her one of three MCC coaches in East and Central Africa and the only one in Uganda. Joan wholly believes in the need for people to experience professional coaching. She was the Founding president of the International Coaching Federation Uganda Chapter (2019).

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Embrace the Mastermind

There is no better way to fast track results than working with a team of committed individuals who meet on a regular basis in a Mastermind Group, all focused on helping each other achieve results. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich first introduced this concept in 1937.

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Imagine Me Masterclass

Designed to enable you have a holistic view of the direction you want for your life


Irene’s story:

This is the best thing that has happened to me in 2015,” a participant in the coaching sessions stated yesterday. 

Attending session five of six sessions, she was giving highlights of how far she was with her personal strategy map, a tool we embark on in session three.  The personal strategy map helps translate our dreams from paper into reality..



01 Journalist Women in News Programme
My biggest learning is that I had locked myself in a cage and I am not sure who I expected to open it up for me
02 Senior Director World Vision International.
This was a tough conversation. It has made me think deeper, not like a technical question where one asks a question and you have the answer. It is something that you have to think deep within myself. It has helped me to have a little bit of more understanding of what I want, what I already have and now I have clarity on what I know about what I need. This has been about getting to a point of getting to know what you don’t know
05 Journalist Women in News Programme
You are a magician; I can’t believe you have got all these things from me. When we started this conversation I was totally lost. Now let me work on these things
03 Senior Executive Standard Chartered Bank
My best part about this conversation has been awareness. I have never paid attention to selflessness being a core value. I am now going to read and research more about it. In fact I am going to have a conversation with all my surpervisees to map their values
04 Global Management Team Member VillageReach
This is interesting. I wanted to figure out the biases that interfere with my decision making. The fact that we have mapped three in this one conversation is amazing. Even if we had mapped one, that would have been good enough, but three!
06 Senior Executive TotalEnergies Uganda Ltd
Joan’s coaching style has helped me self-discover ways in which to re-align my management style. Ways that shall, and are seeing me delegate more effectively, managing my work life balance better, managing my relationships with external stakeholders better and laying better strategies in the prioritisation of work schedules and meetings, both informal and formal. I am pleased about the impact her coaching has had on me in such a short period and imagine how much I could have developed if the programme had allowed me more time with her