Embrace the Mastermind

There is no better way to fast track results than working with a team of committed individuals who meet on a regular basis in a Mastermind Group, all focused on helping each other achieve results. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich first introduced this concept in 1937.

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Become the best version of you.

This video is based on real life stories and experiences that Coach Joan Mugenzi has interacted with during her training sessions in Uganda and interactions with other people across Africa. Through her professional coaching and motivation training journey, she has encountered people wondering how they can transition from full time employment.

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How to let go of your pay cheque

The message in this book couldn’t have come at a better time. Indeed it is so pertinent for present times when ‘corporates’ struggle with maintaining expensive lifestyles when they should be preparing for their less productive years. The lessons are borne out of real life scenarios and will be instructive in getting many to plan for retirement.

Reading this book will prevent the helplessness and suffering that unprepared employees go through when they lose their jobs.  This book is well written, with personal true life stories from the writer herself and her friends.  A must read,